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TeleNovela Channel

Telenovela Channel (informally abbreviated TNC) or TeleNovela Channel is a telenovela-based cable channel network in the Philippines owned by Beginnings at Twenty Plus, Inc. with the partnership of Televisa. The channel operates non-stop 24/7.

It is the first and only soap opera channel in Tagalog and English. It aired its first test broadcast from August to September 2011; regular broadcast started in October 2011. First in Asia, the channel will afford viewers the chance to watch their favorite Televisa-produced Mexican soap operas anytime of the day.

The Telenovela Channel has been made possible through a partnership between Beginnings at Twenty Plus, Inc. and Televisa, which is the exclusive producer of telenovelas for this channel. Programs are dubbed in 2 languages (Tagalog and English audio).

Telenovela Channel is aired on SkyCable Channel 29, Cablelink Channel 223 and more than 150 provincial cable television providers nationwide.  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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bat walang telenovela channel live stream?