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Bloomberg Television is a 24-hour global network dedicated to providing viewers with business and financial news. It is distributed globally, reaching over 200 million homes worldwide. Bloomberg Television is owned and operated by Bloomberg L.P. and is internationally headquartered in New York City with its European Headquarters in London and Asian Headquarters in Hong Kong.

Bloomberg was well-known for using a datascreen format that occupied most of the TV screen and the camera shots.

Until 1998, Bloomberg didn't have a moving ticker. Instead, it had boxes that were dedicated to world news as well as weather conditions in selected cities in addition to market data, which was confined to the bottom of the screen. This changed gradually to focus more on business news. The data screen was reformatted several times to include a moving stock ticker and accommodate new graphics.

The datascreen format was phased out in late 2007 where the programmes were seen almost in full screen with the ticker and headlines bar confined to the lower part of the screen.   From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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